Sunday 8 December 2019
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News Reporter and Camera Man Die on live TV while reporting.

 WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker & cameraman Adam Ward

WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker & cameraman Adam Ward

This story is one of another two innocent victims who were shot to death while doing their jobs.   While this story is still under investigation it brings to light the fact that I keep reiterating that we aren’t safe anywhere.   These two innocent people got up this morning went to work and proceeded to do their jobs.  I am sure when they got out of the shower this morning,  got dressed and grabbed their morning coffee they never thought they wouldn’t get to enjoy lunch or meet up with their friends for happy hour after their shifts.    I am sure they had plans with their family and friends for the weekend as many of us do by Wednesday.

Parker, 24, and Ward, 27, were shot and killed on-air, their final screams broadcast live from Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, VA  a recreation site with restaurants and shopping. The shooting suspect was a former employee of the station, authorities said.

They worked everyday together and were a team is what everyone says.  They where both engaged to fellow coworkers at the station.  Both were bright and shinning stars working their way up in the industry.   And now it appears that it was a fellow employee who was terminated.  Authorities say Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, of Roanoke — who also goes by the name Bryce Williams, is the man who fatally shot and killed these two hard working Americans.  It was reported that he faxed a letter to the News station hours after the incident.   He used other mass shooting incidents as the fuel to his anger that led to today.  Then later on this afternoon he committed suicide.

I know everyone is going to probably be running for gun bans, and using this for their liberal agendas.  Remember that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws and one of the highest rates of murder in the country.  We have had how many shootings in gun free zones ( I call them victim zones).   The problem isn’t the guns,  it is the question if anyone in the area is prepared to handle such a situation.  ” Chance favors a prepared mind”  quote by Louis Pasteur.  I once heard when I was a young teenager and has stuck with me all my life.   If we don’t start realizing that we, while not immediate danger at all times, could be in trouble at any given time.  Trouble is something that doesn’t always work on a 9-5 time line with a Facebook check in, or twitter update.   Nor is it always avoidable sometimes trouble shows its ugly head at anytime.   Those of us who prepare and pay attention to our surroundings are more likely to survive.  SO why don’t we all want to step up to the plate and try to prevent these situations from occurring.   Why aren’t all of us who are ready willing and able running out and arming ourselves with the training, weapons and tools that will protect us from the evil that keeps showing its ugly head all over this vast world.  Should we all run out and buy bullet proof vests and coats,  I don’t know maybe.

My question is why didn’t someone step up and try to stop the fleeing gunman?  I can’t imagine there was no one around,  people were reported as hearing their screams.  So why did no one stand up and try to help stop this situation. How many saw what happening and ran away.   Things I often wonder could it be avoided maybe not.   But I bet news reporters around the country will take suit.   They might even start thinking about being more diligent to their surroundings.

Could hand to hand combat training have stopped this?   Could someone who was legally carrying a firearm intervened?   Would a can of OC Pepper spray have been enough to stop the situation?   These are the situations that I examine and think what would I have done had I been there.  The what if’s are endless I know.   The only thing for certain is two amazing people, referred to as bright and bubbly personalities had their futures taken from them.   Their friends and loved ones are only left with their memories.

SO the question I have for you is what will you do if trouble ever shows its ugly face in the most unsuspecting place?   I want you to think about what would you do if this situation happened a block or less from you some day.    Wake up America it is getting rough out there.  And only together can we stand and put an end to this.

Alison Parker and Adam Ward working together.

Alison Parker and Adam Ward working together.








Rest in peace.  You will be missed.


So how would you stop a situation like this?  What are your thoughts?



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Article:    26 Aug 2015


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Article: Virginia journalists killed on-air ‘much more than what you saw on TV’


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