Saturday 7 December 2019
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Lock Loaded and Secure

Firearms and shooting can be a very exciting and challenging activity. Although television and movies make firing a gun to appear to be as simple as “point and shoot”, it involves much more than that. Shooting is most definitely a skill that involves technique and knowledge that must be learned at the shooting range.

Every shooting range has qualified staff that can teach proper safety and shooting technique.

From a safety standpoint, shooters must ensure that any firearm that they handle always points in a safe and secure direction. What exactly does this mean? In the simplest terms, the muzzle of the gun should only point in a direction where if it were to accidentally discharge, the bullet would travel in a direction where it would pose no harm to anyone. This is, for the most part, always going to be down the shooting range toward the paper targets.

In order for a shooter to become a proficient and accurate shooter, they must focus on the following:

1. Sighting

The shooter should hold the gun up so that the front sight of the gun lines up with the rear sight of the gun. The shooter’s eyes should be focusing on the front sight, with the lined up sights pointing center mass at the paper target down range.

2. Trigger squeeze

The shooter should use a slow and even trigger squeeze, not a sudden jerking trigger pull.

3. Breathing

The shooter should slowly exhale his or her breath, and attempt to have “empty lungs” and hold their breath while conducting the trigger squeeze.

4. Gripping the gun

In the case of a handgun, the shooter’s strong hand (hand where the shooter’s index finger will squeeze the trigger) should be gripping the gun with 20%, with the support hand gripping the other 80%

Of course, staff at the shooting range can evaluate a shooters technique and provide valuable feedback to assist anybody in becoming a skilled and safety conscious user of the shooting range.

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