Saturday 11 July 2020
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Basic Dry Fire Practice. Best way to stay prepared.


I found this video full of great info.

Thanks for posting solid great video’s…   I am going to eventually be creating my own but I am just getting started.


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from YouTube

HandgunComabtives Channel

March 17, 2015



I am an Ex Army vet who served in the National Guard for 12 years. I have worked closely with some amazing security professionals, in a vast array of different work environments and scenarios. I am also a NRA Certified instructor, and proficient in fire arms, and self defense. On top of that I am well experienced in the technical world as well. I live my life by the motto " There is no knowledge that isn't power" and try to learn all I can. As well I feel that knowledge is only good if you pass it along to others so they can benefit from your experiences.

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