Saturday 7 December 2019
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So what is the best way to prepare for the Uncertain VOL 1..

Good day, I hope this finds you well.   If you have read my other posts it seems we are living in a very uncertain world.   Seems so many have compromised their lives, from news reporters in VA to Marines in TN, to even passengers on a train on vacation.    I am sure that all these people woke up, got out of the shower and had their morning coffee and breakfast and never knew that today was going to change their lives forever and most of them wouldn’t be coming home to see their loved ones for dinner, and would miss out on so many things they had planned.   I personally know way too many people who have died at way too early of an age, some from flukes, and even natural causes.   Being a Vet and watching all my brothers make it home then die from accidents, health problems and flukes of nature is very humbling.

I am going to go into some great detail here based on personal experiences I have encountered.   I have become someone who even when I am at half best I am still better than most.  First off it is mind set, I refuse to be a victim.   While I live each day to its fullest and like it may be my last while always staying on my toes.  I could write on for days on this subject. Heck I just started this web site a few weeks ago and I have tried to write this article a few times,  and then realized that who would want to read 25 – 50 pages or who would have time dedicate to that.   I am going to try and break this down a little bit into several articles.    I really hope everyone will feel free to post comments and questions.   What good is knowledge if you don’t share it.  Though one of the smartest men I ever met taught me to always claim to know nothing.  It makes you less liable or something.   I still chuckle about that one.

So what is the survivor mind set? How do you create it and how do you maintain it?   That is a good question.  First off fear is the biggest weakness that people try to use over one another.  Fear happens when you are usually uncertain, or in unfamiliar territory or situations.   Fear can be a good thing but knowing how to channel it into a positive thing is even better.

I am one of those men who has lived a life on the edge a little bit and worked with some amazing people over the years.  Do you know what, I am still learning.   For the man who swears to know it all is the man who will get you killed.   So lets start out with the simple one.

You’re walking down a crowded street in Chicago, New York, LA and walking along.  What do you usually do?

A) keep eye contact with people walking by?

B) put in your ear buds and turn up your music so you can get a good pace going ( might as well make a light work out of it, seems everyone is worried about fitness now a days)

C)  keep looking side to side and checking store fronts for reflections of things that look a little off,  keep hold of your purse and keep checking your wallet as you walk in an upright confident stance.

D) walk looking at the sidewalk, just moving with the flow, making a grocery list in your head of what you need to get at the store later on that day.


This may seem like kind of a stupid scenario but stop and think about it for a bit.  Safety, security is not just a cops’ job it is everyone’s responsibility.  In fact I think I might just leave this lesson here for others to read and comment on.  I have many scenarios that start like the one above where some end well and others not so great.  That is why I started this web site.  There are many more articles to come..


My Goal is to help everyone become more aware of the world around them.  We can all help to end the evil that lurks in the shadows.

Come back for more scenario’s, ideas, and suggestions on how to prevent you and your family from becoming a helpless victim.

I am an Ex Army vet who served in the National Guard for 12 years. I have worked closely with some amazing security professionals, in a vast array of different work environments and scenarios. I am also a NRA Certified instructor, and proficient in fire arms, and self defense. On top of that I am well experienced in the technical world as well. I live my life by the motto " There is no knowledge that isn't power" and try to learn all I can. As well I feel that knowledge is only good if you pass it along to others so they can benefit from your experiences.

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