Saturday 7 December 2019
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What is Cyber Security?

Technological advancement has opened up opportunities and widened the potential for innovation. Digital application to various major sectors of an economy be it political, defense, intellectual infrastructural property that depend on computers and data networks to operate and function effectively. This however carries with it vulnerability to threats such as hacking which involves unauthorized access, change or destruction of data. Cyber Security is all about minimizing or even neutralizing all these threats to ensure information technology use is safe and secure.


Examples of Cyber Space Attacks


The three most common forms of cyber-attacks are cyber terrorism, cyber warfare and cyber espionage.


  • Cyber terrorism involves the use of information technology by terrorist organizations to further their political ideas or agenda disruptively. Terrorists take over some form of infrastructure that relies on computers to further their cause. This often results to the disruption of the activity that uses the data made vulnerable by such an attack.


  • Cyber warfare involves one party using information technology to access another party’s private network and cause some kind of harm or disruption of normal activity. Cyber warfare has been recognized as the fifth purview of warfare (after land, sea, air and space).


  • Cyber espionage involves obtaining strategic information from unauthorised sources in order to gain an informational advantage or leverage. This may involve obtaining classified information that once placed into the “wrong hands”, might render the victim vulnerable in some way.


Why is cyber security important?

The Government, the military, hospitals, schools, financial entities and other strategic sectors of the economy largely depend on the cyber space to effectively, safely and efficiently run daily activities. Protecting these infrastructures is vital for any economy to realize its full potential. Cyber-attacks are common since few resources are required to execute them, the attacks are remote, and the scope of attack could be catastrophic. Thus it is important to know how you can accomplish cyber security.

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