Thursday 4 June 2020
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Firearms that are the best conceal and carry for women

Women have a very precious existence for the whole world and as every precious thing is valuable so the women are also has all the regards. Due to this reason there are so many challenges come across the way of most of the women and one of the most important challenge is Safety.

We are going to discuss few helping firearms that are able to help women to keep them safe and secure. Let’s find what kind of firearm can be the best conceal and Carry for Women. Arms are not easy to conceal everywhere so, few firearms specially design and manufacture for women that can easily conceal under any wardrobe, with any type of body shape and around any physical size.

A firearm for women should be smaller sized, well griped to hold, light weight, easy to operate, reliable and less technique to shoot so, let’s find out what firearm would be the best for the self-defense for Women.

– Kahr CW9

This was one of the very first handguns designed for conceal and carry easily. This is a low cost thin and reliable gun that can shoot accurate with 7 round’s single stack magazine.

– Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .38 special

This gun is so popular due to its lightest weight that is also so good to conceal and carry by women. It has specialty to shoot even in the low light under any stressful situation.

– The Glock 19

It is small pistol to hold comfortably by smaller hands like most women have. It has two dual recoil springs that make less recoil feel to the shooter. It can load with 10, 15, 17, 33 round magazine.

– The Glock 42

The .380 ACP is the most popular fact for this gun that known for a borderline cartridge that is one of the best qualities for the purpose of women self-defense. It can also fire 7 rounds with smaller magazine.

– The Ruger LC9

It has also loading capacity up to 7 round’s single stack magazine and best part of it is its reliability to control easily to the comparatively less experienced shooter.

2 thoughts on “Firearms that are the best conceal and carry for women

  1. Thomas

    Since ladies are by one means or another less capable or excessively feeble, making it impossible to shoot an intense handgun I think they require a weapon that is Slimmer, lighter and easier to conceal

  2. Robert

    Contributing to this going for 380 ACP is quiet good because only semiautomatic pistols are chambered for this round. Many ladies love shooting this caliber because of its mild recoil, and there are numerous full size and compact pistols available.


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