Thursday 4 June 2020
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Firearms and Self Defense

SIG P226 Firearm is a high class pistol. This pistol is the service type designed for U.S army and Navy Seals. There are many models of the SIG P226, which include: Equinox, Navy, DAK, NITRON, Elite stainless, Combat, Tacops, Enhanced Elite, Combat TB, MK25, Tribal Nitron, Extreme, Scorpion and Engraved. These pistols are manufactured by SIG a German company which was initially owned by the Swiss.

The firearms operate through a short-recoil method. This means that on firing, the barrel and slide lock, the barrel, then camms towards the rear . The slide ejects the spent cartridge by completing the stroke. The recoil spring pushes the slide forward, bringing the barrel upwards hence the two lock again.
The P226 Navy is used as the standard pistol from which other handguns are measured. It was invented to replace the M1911A1. The pistol is easy to handle because it is balanced and has exceptional ergonomics despite being full-sized. It has accuracy and better ballistic performance due to its longer barrel. It has a 9mm railed chamber and has an anchor on its left side of the slide.

The P226 MK25 was released in 2011 and is similar to the P226 Navy. Its features include the UID barcode for identification which is on the left side. It contains an anti-corrosion coat on both its external and internal surfaces and night sights.
The P226 Equinox has a two-toned accented design and us chambered in 40 S&W. It is made by master gunsmiths. Its unique color is due to the polished slides and a nickel parts. It has gray wood grips, anodized alloy frame and both night and front sights for great target acquisition. The pistol has an accessory rail to enhance use in low lighting conditions. For a pistol The Equinox has a lavish look and is a quality firearm.

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