Saturday 11 July 2020
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5 tips to Avoid your Child becoming a Child Molester or Kidnaper’s Target!!













5 Tips to Avoid your Child Being a Child Molester Target or Kidnaped



My biggest fear as a mother of 2 beautiful toddlers is that they be violated or kidnaped.

When I was a teenager, the few times I traveled alone or with some friends with the same age I had by bus, scary old men tried to be near me and one even showed is Johnson in a bus full of people.

In those moments I entered in panic and simply didn`t react or tried to run away. If I just shout something in the bus instead of being in silent probably those men simply run away with fear.

I was never violated or kidnaped but I am pretty sure that if my parents weren`t always with me I would be a great target.

So I want to give you 5 tips to avoid these situations with these monsters became something worst.

#1 Tip – Always know where your children are

Your child is your responsibility, so you need to know where your children are. No matter how independent they are and how responsible they are you need to know that.

Try to build a good relationship with your sun or daughter allowing them to go out without you but with other people or a group of children you know and trust.

You can always install an app or a track device in their mobile phone so you can always know where they are (nowadays children and adults are always with their mobile phone by their side).

This can be done with their acknowledgment or without it.

If you have small children that are very active or with special needs you have always gps track devices that can be wear as a necklace or as a bracelet. If you are visiting a new place or a foreign country these devices can be very helpful if your children get lost.

#2 Tip – Put your children in good hands

Don`t leave your children with a nanny that you don`t really know, try to only leave them with persons you trust. If you don`t have anyone that can take care of your childen try to leave your children in a in a certified kindergarten with specialized people to take care of your children.

It is always better to leave your children there because normally they have more than one person to take care of the children, and if for some reason one person needs to leave the room where your children are they have other persons to substitute that person.

When your children are with a nanny (alone or with other children) if the nanny has some health emergency or other kind of emergency your children are left alone, so try to avoid to recur the services of only one nanny.

#3 Tip – Buy Martial Arts Classes or Self-Defense Classes for your child

In case a child molester or some other people with evil intentions approach your children is always better they know what to do and how to defense themselves.

So, invest in some self-defense classes or martial arts classes for your children.

#4 Tip – Teach your Children to be Assertive

Teach your children to have self-respect and have self-confidence knowing that their parents love them and are there for them.

Teach them to trust their instincts and if they don`t like a person or some situation just get away from that person or situation. Don`t force them to be nice with people they don`t like and receive hugs or kisses from persons they don`t like.

Children that are more assertive and less shy have less probability to be a target of those people.

#5 Tip – Don`t put information about your kids on the web

You don`t know who is seeing your kids photo or information so it is advisable to don`t put your kids information on social media sites or some other kind of sites.

You should also track your children activities on the web to see what they are doing and teach them that what they put on the web and send to others can stay forever on the web and being embarrassing in the future.

I hope that these 5 tips help you to keep your child safe!

What other things do you think we can do as a parent?







I am an Ex Army vet who served in the National Guard for 12 years. I have worked closely with some amazing security professionals, in a vast array of different work environments and scenarios. I am also a NRA Certified instructor, and proficient in fire arms, and self defense. On top of that I am well experienced in the technical world as well. I live my life by the motto " There is no knowledge that isn't power" and try to learn all I can. As well I feel that knowledge is only good if you pass it along to others so they can benefit from your experiences.

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  1. Smith

    I think sharing photographs of your kids on long range informal communication it is most certainly not. A method for social consideration, it definitely is. Person to person communication is entrepreneur consumerism gone wild, for the benefit of mankind it ought to be banned.


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