Thursday 4 June 2020
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5 Tips-to help save your child from a shooting

HOW To protect your child!

5 Tips to Avoid your Child Being Shot

We are always hearing news about children being shot and we become worry about it. We don`t want our little treasures to be taken from us, especially like that! So, I will help you by giving 5 tips about how to avoid your child being shot.

#1 Tip – Live in a Nice Neighborhood If you live in a bad neighborhood or near a bad neighborhood where everyday people are shot, stolen or kidnapped chances are that your children would also be shot, stolen or kidnapped. So, even if you don`t have a lot of money your principal concern should be to buy or rent a house in a quiet place where people are friendly and nothing bad usually happen. It is better to buy a smaller house in a nice place than a big mansion in a dangerous place.

#2 Tip – Don`t Let your Child go to Danger Zones This advice is similar to the previous advice. If you let your children go to problematic zones, chances are that sooner or later he can be shot or stolen. Always know where your kids are, and who they are with to be sure they are in a safe place with good people. It is your job as a parent to do that!

#3 Tip – Keep your Guns in a Safe Place If you have guns put them in a safe place away from your children and never reveal that place to them. Only let your children to pick a gun with you by your side. NEVER but NEVER let your kids play with guns alone. If your child has some psychological disorder like depression, bipolar disorder or other psychological disorder that can affect his or her judgment, so don’t let them pick a gun even if you are by their side. You can give he or she ideas.

#4 Tip – Teach your Children to Respect Others Today bullying is a reality and the problem is that it never stops. When I was young even if other kids make fun of you, you could go home to a safe place and feel better. Nowadays with internet that don`t happens. When a kid goes home the others can still make fun of him or her, and after a few period of time that kid can start thinking about killing himself or herself or those kids that make fun of him or her. If you teach your kids to be respect other people, chances are that they will not be the target of that revenge and it is also a good thing in general to teach them manners. Whenever you find out they make fun of some other kid take that serious and give them a punishment, like not being able to use internet for a week, whatever you feel appropriate. Your kids don`t need to be friend of every kid or grow up person, but they need to respect other kids and persons and don`t make fun of them. In fact, if for some reason they find someone weird don`t force them to be with that person, tell them to be polite and keep a distance of that person. Our mind is very complex and if they feel that they don`t like that person you shouldn`t teach them to ignore those signs.

#5 Tip – Teach them What to Do When Someone Has a Gun When someone has a gun your kid should Run, Hide or Fight whenever then can. If they manage to hide to a safe place they should put their mobile phones in silent and phone or text someone to help them. Running is always the best situation when someone is preparing to shot other persons, because it is more difficult to shot someone far away and running. You can teach this as a fun game similar to cowboys and Indians.

Hope this tips have help you!

Do you have other tips to share with us?

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